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Image and Style Consultancy

We are a group of specialists in image and styling. Our service is dedicated to private consultancy. We assess all the most important aspects of your image and style, creating the right look, suiting your needs. We analyze your tastes and preferences. Our services are focused to bring out the best of you.

Our objective is to satisfy your demands with our proposals and the definitions we have worked out for you. We carefuly keep in mind your needs, adapting the choices to your professional and casual lifestyle.

Color and Morphological Book: We create a color and morphological book so that you can feel confident about going shopping on your own. Discover what colors suit you best. We work with the harmony of your natural colors, based on the color of your eyes, skin and hair. A morphological guide is included, having studied your body’s shape as well as your facial structure, make up, clothing and accessories that best suit you.

Personal Shopper: We prepare a shopping itinerary to maximize your time, visiting the stores that match your profile.  Our service is addressed to people with tight schedules, finding what works best for them.

Wardrobe Building: We teach you how to organize your wardrobe, analyzing and managing your clothing. We draft a plan based on your budget, coordinate what is missing and re-stocking you clothing and accessory needs. We photograph your colors and styles to combine them appropriately.



  • Color Analysis
150 € (1-1½ hours)
(includes personal color and tone palette to take with you when you’re shopping)
  • Morphological and Stylistic Study
200 € (2-2½ hours)
(includes personal style book for individual use)
  • Personal Shopper
175 € (2 hours*)
(* Minimum 1 hour image analysis before shopping. 50 euros per additional hour.)
  • Wardrobe Building
350 € (3 – 4 hours)
(includes photographic coverage for wardrobe management and action plan for shopping)


“Complete Service”
Color Analysis + Morphological and Stylistic Analysis + Wardrobe Study + 3 hours Personal Shopper 700 €
For the most complete change of look, taking it step by step, in 3 to 4 sessions, depending on your preference. We guide you so that you will reach the end of the experience with the confidence and excitement to do it on your own.ASK FEES FOR ADDITIONAL SERVICES



Taxes not included in price.

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